Division / ContractQ

This division provides contract and project management services which includes equipment rental, mechanical and specialized services.

  • i. Equipment Rental
    KMST has a selected few international equipment companies and agencies that offer equipment rental upon request. The equipment rental items that are available upon request includes various compressors, welding sets, generator sets, scaffolding material (tubular), diaphgram pumps, hydro test pumps and pneumatic saw.
  • ii. Mechanical and specialized services
    We also provide mechanical and specialized services based on contract requirements from clients that include:

    • Hydraulic bolt tensioning and torqueing services
    • Hot tapping
    • Cold cutting
    • Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE)
    • Duplex Welding
    • General Maintenance Services
    • Calibration Services (Pressure/Temperature/Electrical)